Water Pipes

What Is Water?

Water is an odourless, tasteless and transparent substance. Its chemical formula is H2O which means its one molecule is made of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. While it looks transparent in a small quantity, it shows a faint blue hue when present in a large quantity. It is one of the essentials that helps sustain life on earth. It is found in streams, lakes, rivers, oceans and under the ground. pipe expansion joints are used to compensate for the expansion and contraction of piping materials caused by temperature changes.

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How Is Water Supplied?

Water is supplied through the pipes and containers. The diameter of the pipe used to supply the water depends on how much water supply is needed. For example, when water is supplied to the people of a city, town or village, the initial piping system has large diameter pipes. Further down the line in the water supply system, the pipe gradually reduces in size as it reaches the user end. The diameter of the pipe at the user end depends on the purpose of water supply. For a single home, a small diameter pipe is used to connect the home's water supply pipe to the nearest water supply system of the utility company. When it comes to the containers, different types and sizes of containers are used. A water tanker is used to supply hundreds of litres of waters at the same time. Different sizes of tanks and drums are used to transport water. Packaged bottled drinking water can be now found almost all over the world. Such bottles are generally available in half litre, 1 litre, 2 litres, 5 litres and 20 litres sizes. The small size packaged water bottles are purchased by individuals for personal consumption while larger bottles are used for the whole family or for offices, workplaces and public places.

What Is Needed to Move Water Safely?

The pipes used to transport water must be in good condition from the water supply source to the user end. The pipes used to supply the drinking water must comply with the mandatory standards. Water should not get contaminated during transportation and storage. Water supplied for the drinking purpose requires pre-treatment. This process may involve use of certain chemicals to ensure the water remains safe for use when it reaches the end users. Packaged water are processed and treated at the factory. This type of water in the sealed bottles can remain safe for months and years without use of any preservation technique.

What Is Water Transportation Essential?

The piping system used to supply the water should be in good condition. Suppliers have to ensure sufficient water pressure so the water reaches the end users. In case of the packaged water, the container and its seal should not be damaged during transportation and storage.

Who Uses Water?

Humans and animals have to drink water to remain alive. It is needed for washing and cleaning. Offices, stores, factories and industries need water for many purposes. Farmers need water to grow fruits, vegetables and other produces.

What Are the Uses of Water?

Water is used for drinking, cleaning, farming, manufacturing and recreational purposes.